Rules for Manuscript Submission for the Journal of African Studies (PDF File)
Author Guidelines (Journal of African Studies) (PDF File)
Journal of African Studies Submission Form (MS Word File)

About submission of manuscript

Please prepare the manuscript in accordance with the above Rules for Manuscript Submission and Author Guidelines, and send it to the following address.

E-mail: jaasedit (atmark)
* Please change (atmark) to @ when sending.

If you cannot send to the above address (the automatic reply of non-delivery is returned), please send to the second address below.

E-mail: jaasedit (atmark)
* Please change (atmark) to @ when sending.

In rare cases, emails may not arrive without the automatic reply of non-delivery. If you do not have a response from the secretariat within one week, please be sure to contact us.
After arriving at the above address, the manuscript will go through the following process.

1. Format checking: The secretary will check whether the manuscript conforms to the prescribed format.
2. Pre-review: The editorial committee will decide whether the manuscript proceed to peer review. If the manuscript passes this process, it will be officially “received”.
3. Peer review: The reviewers will review the contents of the manuscript.
4. After the peer review, if it is suggested that correction is necessary, the editorial committee will ask the author to revise the manuscript. Then, it will be peer reviewed again. If the manuscript is accepted, it will be decided to be published.